About Us


Leading the way to a healthier future with a forward-thinking CRO

We believe that what is most valuable in clinical research arises from the combination of knowledge, experience, the use of technology and the involvement of people who want to create a healthier future.

We help our partners: pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical devices manufacturers, scientific and research institutions, and start-ups by working together on the development of new molecules and innovative devices or technologies.

Our Values

Axcellant - Knowledge


We combine knowledge and experience of medical, biostatistics, regulatory and clinical operations experts, to effectively conduct your research processes.

Axcellant - Technology


We implement the latest technologies, to improve, speed up and automate processes, thanks to which we are sure that the data we provide are reliable and credible, and the patients are safe.

Axcellant - Patient


We are all human. We can all become patients. We are aware of this, that's why everything we do, we do it with the greatest care, reliability and precision.

At Axcellant, we have 10 core values that reflect our culture:

1. Partnerships

We work in partnership internally and externally building trust in every interaction.

2. Patients first

In our interactions we bring the patient perspective to the fore.

3. Quality

We have a quality by design approach to our systems, processes and training.

4. Communication

We listen actively to each other and our customers to understand.

5. Self-Development

We take individual accountability in our continuous learning to build competency ahead of opportunity.

6. Delivery

We deliver on our commitments to each other and our customers.

7. Diversity

We take individual accountability to build a large diversity in our network.

8. Science

We are driven by science and the positive impact it has on society.

9. Courage

We seek excitement in big challenges and think critically before we act.

10. Doing the right Thing

We default to doing the right thing, with honesty, integrity and transparency.



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